Supply water has finally reached at Madanpur

Supply water has finally reached the severely arsenic affected Madanpur village in Bhagabangola block of Murshidabad, West Bengal. Samaj Kalyan O Mahila Unnayan Kendra( SKMUK), one of AID’s grassroots partners from the Jiagunj (Bhagobangola block) has been trying to assist them in advocating for their right to safe water. The deputations, meetings and dialogues have finally helped achieve the long standing demand and need for safe drinking water in Madanpur. The supply water lines have reached the village. While the supply is yet to become regular and dependable, women of Madanpur share the initial experience. Now that the water issue seems to be on the way to being addressed, nutrition is the other big issue that needs to be tackled in Madanpur and its surrounding locality. Take a look